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Does 3d it work?: About Us
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We know that, for the majority of people, once weight is gained, it is very difficult to lose that weight. It is even harder for us to say, “eat less, move more and the weight will come off”. It doesn't actually work like that. The body has a very powerful reaction to defend against weight loss, which involves the immune system.This clearly points out why there are many people out there that are working out every day and eating clean but still not getting any results.

▪︎Triple D (3D) is a weight management program that is designed to strengthen and increase your metabolism to push your body to burn body fat, even when you are at your RHR (resting heart rate), strengthens your immune system to fight off unwanted bacteria and keep it balanced.

▪︎The program increases your cardiovascular strength to reduce adipose tissue (body fat) at its highest rate, at maximum oxygen intake during exercise.

▪︎Our principles and methods of training are very strict as we utilize our awareness and knowledge of the core principles.

Triple D program is not just a program that coaches you into weight loss, it is a program that helps you to develop self discipline to continue with a healthy lifestyle even after the program. It's a training program, we dont just coach or lead but we teach you all the necessary principles of how to get your body in shape and keep it that way. For those who adapt and follow these principles they have never failed to accomplish their goals, and that's Triple D. As Ms. Potinger said, these principles can apply to any area of your life.

Dicipline, determination and determination. Discipline, to follow through with all instructions given. Not to compromise or the break them down to what will suit you.

Dedication, inspire of how challenging it gets at times you still seek to stay with the plan, keep pushing, complete your tasks and to complete each day one day at a time.

Determination, always determined to keep on weathering the storm. To do the unthinkable what others wouldn't do, to work hard when no one is looking.
When you completely lock and apply these 3D's to your program, we can guarantee you complete results. Try Triple D today you wont have any regrets for this decision.

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