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Myers Fitness Centre was founded by Randy Myers. He was born in the district of Lucky Hill in Gayle, St. Mary, Jamaica. He grew up in a single parent home with his mother and two siblings. Mr. Myers says that his level of discipline mainly comes from his now deceased mother, whom he loved dearly. 
He comes from very humble beginnings where he learnt what it is to not have enough, but to still feel blessed and satisfied. With his mother and siblings, he relocated to the garden parish of St. Ann at around age eleven (11).  He completed his primary and secondary education in St. Mary. 
After leaving high school, Randy worked and financed the furthering of his education, by pursuing a hospitality course in Food and Beverage.  On completion of this course he secured a job at the Renaissance Jamaica Grande Hotel as a housekeeper. Randy was  promoted from housekeeper to the dining room during his tenure at the Renaissance Jamaica Grande Hotel.
While at the dining room Randy started to study fitness immensely, the managers saw his interest and natural potential in fitness and promoted him to the gym as a fitness trainer. This was exciting for Randy as his true passion begun to unfold. The hotel financed his first fitness course at American Council of Exercise (ACE) while he continued working as gym manager at the property. He saved from his earnings and ambitiously got additional education in his selected field of  fitness, by enrolling at Pen Foster and other fitness training institutions.

Randy later started Myers Fitness Centre in his bedroom at his mother's two (2) bedroom rented home in 2002 while working at the hotel. He then got married to  Ysanne Myers. They are both dedicated Christians, devoted Ministers and musicians in their local church. Their union has produced three beautiful children.   Together they expanded the business in their rented two (2) bedroom home in St. Ann and continued the gym there to 2004. One year later in 2005,  they moved to a commercial space in the town of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 

Today, Myers Fitness Centre, has grown into one of the largest progressive 24hr gyms in Jamaica, boasting a wide variety of modern fitness equipment, a selection of fitness classes, personal training and is looking forward  to opening a fitness complex in the near future.

Randy was able to proactively consolidate all the principles that he used to build his career into the cornerstone of his  fitness  package. One of Mr. Myers’ philosophy is “there is always a reason you will fail, and a reason why you won't.....look again.”

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