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WAS $420US

NOW $370US



-3 virtual training sessions


-Virtual assessment


-Daily follow up every 3 hours


-Over the phone customized meal plan


-Designed workouts for non-virtual training days


-Assisstance with meal preparation


-Complete supermarket list.

Note: Programs and workouts will be sent to your personal Triple 'D' inbox
This package is unique and we can  guarantee you results, as long as you follow our 3D's principles.

Please see more about packages below

Features of the program

Designed workout based on your questionnaire answers.
Designed meal plans based on your questionnaire answers.
Step by step guidelines from week one (1) to week four.
Full coaching throughout the month.


Let's get started

▪ There are three (3) different levels of training. Each  depends on your fitness level.  

1. Beginners: This is designed for any individual who is just starting and needs to gradually work their way up to the next training level.         (Routines are low impact,  easy to manage and come with all necessary  demonstrations and breakdowns).

2. Intermediate: This plan is ideal if  you are already into fitness but not quite at an advanced level.           
(Routines will be moderate with more demonstrations).

3. Advance : This level is  for those who have been working out for years and has all the necessary experience and a fairly high level of fitness.       (You will receive routines  to meet your fitness level  and to help you reach your desired goals).

•    This package will be available within three (3) to five (5) working days after submission of your payment and registration.

Maintenance Programs: Our Classes
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